Image Scans from Disc Film

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Images below received in varied conditions - Click on Image for full view of image

933.23 Kb
2448 x 3264
1061.99 Kb
3264 x 2448
1262.76 Kb
3264 x 2448
1275.97 Kb
3264 x 2448

When viewing the scanned images, remember that a disc film image is only about 1/5th the size of a 35mm negative, so more grain details will show in the high resolution scans.  The best scans of disc films will come from discs that were photographed properly, were developed in good clean chemistry within the film's expiration date, and have not been handled much over the years in storage. Image scans are post processed with digital image enchancement before printing.

Disc Film Image Size Compared to 35mm negative:
(Comparative, not displayed actual sizes)
Disc Film compared to 35mm negative